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Providing public voice and leadership to support and advance high quality teaching and learning of mathematics for all students

MCTM Executive Board

                                   President Elect

                                 Julie Groce

 Vice President: K-5

 Noncy Fields

  Vice President: 2-year College

  Scott Barnett


Mike Vallier

Vice President: 6-8

       Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner

Vice President: 4-year College

Carol Bell


LuAnn Murray

 Past President


       Vice President: 9-12

              Leslie Ann Burleson


       Julie Groce

Regional Directors

Region 1 Director

       Donya Mosher

Region 2 Director

              Heather Hugg


Region 3 Director

       Erika Thacker

Region 4 Director

       Kelli VanSetters

Region 7 Director

       Jeremy DeVos

Region 10 Director

       Pam Lindemer

Region 13 Director


Region 5 Director

 Conni Crittenden

Region 8 Director

 Tori Easterbrook

Region 11 Director

       Heather Hugg

 Region 14 Director

 Rebecca Binkley

Region 6 Director

       Scot Acre

Region 9 Director

       Karen Sleno

 Region 12 Director

 Maureen Schick

Committee Chairs and Contracted Services

Executive Secretary


Publications Director

      Tori Easterbrook

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