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Grants and Awards

Call for 2024 MCTM Awards Nominations

Look around you! Are you working with someone whom you consider an excellent mathematics educator? Does this person do an outstanding job in the classroom and/or in your school district? Does this person contribute to the profession by taking leadership roles within the educational community and show a willingness to share ideas with colleagues by presenting seminars and workshops, and by publishing math related articles in professional journals? 

If you know someone who exhibits these attributes, then please NOMINATE HIM/HER for one of the following categories: 

 ► Elementary Teacher of the Year 

Middle School Teacher of the Year 

High School Teacher of the Year 

College Teacher of the Year 

Teacher of Promise

Awards are based on the following criteria:

  •  The winning Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College Math Teachers of the Year will be chosen for using or modeling best practices, inspiring their students, demonstrating innovative teaching strategies, being excellent role models for students and other teachers, demonstrating leadership, exhibiting a passion for math and teaching, and who have taught for five or more years. 

  • There has  been some confusion about fifth grade teachers. If the teacher works in an elementary school, nominate  him/her for the Elementary Award. If the teacher works in a middle school or junior high school, nominate him/her for the Middle School award. 

  • The winning Math Teacher of Promise will be chosen for inspiring students, demonstrating innovative teaching strategies, demonstrating the potential for math leadership, and exhibiting a passion for math and teaching. Eligible nominees must have taught fewer than five years. 

Please be advised that current members of the MCTM Board of Directors are not eligible to receive these awards.

The online nomination form can be accessed here 

Once the nomination is received, the nominee will be contacted and sent the appropriate materials. If you  have any questions, please contact Conni Crittenden, Awards Chair at: crittec@gmail.com

Pictured above are the award recipients for 2023.(left to right)  Mary Andres, Middle School Teacher of the Year, Dana Ross, High School Teacher of the year, Mike Vallier, MCTM President, Bryeana Rinvelt, Math Teacher of Promise, Diane Cerabone, PAEMST Presidential Award Finalist

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