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Providing public voice and leadership to support and advance high-quality teaching and learning of mathematics for all students

President Message

This is my first message as MCTM President, I thought I should introduce myself and give you a short update. My name is Mike Vallier and I am the President for the current. Previously I was the Region 1 Director. Many years ago I was on the board as the Middle School VP. I am a math consultant at the Kalamazoo RESA, serving school districts in and around Kalamazoo County. It has been my pleasure to serve as an MCTM board member, and I hope to continue to support the organization now and after my term is over. This board works hard to provide members with something valuable in return for their membership. Please reach out to your regional director if you have questions or want to talk about MCTM.

Conference Update:

Planning is well underway for this year's annual conference. Like last year, MCTM board members made the difficult decision to hold our conference virtually this year. We hope that 2023 will see us all together again, and we are already starting to think about how to make that a spectacular homecoming event for everyone. However, we don't want to look past this year's conference as it is also going to be a great event.

This year our keynote speaker will be Dr. Amanda Jansen! Her book, Rough Draft Math is an amazing book with a wide range of applications.

One big change is that this year we will be holding the conference in the fall, October 22nd to be exact. I realize that this is a change, and that many people have always associated our conferences with summer time, and I hope that you will make the adjustment with us. It is our hope that the conference will be something that more closely integrates with  your school year. Maybe it aligns with your districts professional development goals, or your own professional learning needs. Or maybe after having students back in your rooms for a few weeks, the opportunity to connect with like minded mathematics professionals will be the energy boost you need. Registration will be opening soon.

We don't want to leave you alone this summer, though. In anticipation of Dr. Jansen's keynote address and breakout session, MCTM members will be able participate in our summer book study. This will be a chance to read and discuss Rough Draft Math, and connect with math teachers throughout the summer months leading up to the conference. 

I am excited about what you will see from MCTM over the next year, so stay tuned. And as always, if you know someone who should be an MCTM member, get them involved.

Have a wonderful spring.

Mike Vallier

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