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Providing public voice and leadership to support and advance high quality teaching and learning of mathematics for all students

The 73rd Annual MCTM Conference will be a live virtual event on Saturday, October 22nd.

Please see the link below for sponsor information.

Presenters and speakers will bring you a great experience as you start the 2022-2023 school year.

Also, be on the lookout for summer kickoff events leading up to our Fall Conference!

Want to be a presenter this year? We want to share your expertise!

Submit a speaker proposal by June 17th

Speaker Proposal Application

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Conference Strands

Effective Math Teaching Practices

Sessions in this strand will have direct ties to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics research based effective math teaching practices. These include establishing goals to focus learning, implement tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving, use and connect mathematical representations, facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse, pose purposeful questions, build procedural fluency from conceptual understanding, support productive struggle and elicit and use evidence of student thinking. Sessions focused on the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Mathematics and the Disciplinary Literacy Essentials also fall within this strand. 

Building Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching

Teaching requires both content knowledge (math content) and pedagogical content knowledge (teaching math effectively). This strand focuses on the former and includes learning on the mathematical learning progressions. What are the three aspects of number? What is the use of representations when we want students to see mathematics abstractly? How might Advantage Math Recovery help students understand properties of numbers? How does skip counting transition to early multiplication? These questions and more will be answered within this strand.  Building teacher content knowledge is the focus of these sessions.

Teaching and Learning in Today's Era

There are many things to consider when thinking through how best to meet the needs of the diverse learners in our classrooms. There are also many new challenges facing teachers today. Sessions in this strand will address supporting all students and teachers identity, health and wellness, as well as content learning, through a variety of means. Topics might include social justice, teacher wellness, equity and inclusiveness, plans for COVID learning loss, alternative pathways, or virtual learning.

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