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August 2020


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In this issue:

- Planning for Fall Resources

- "Empowering Mathematics Educators" Series to Begin

- Transforming Teachers' Practice Through Curriculum Planning

- #27 MCTM Book Study

- Disciplinary Literary Essentials

- MCTM Blog "StoryCircles"

- Math Talks Slides

- NCTM Webinar: What Should Math Look Like?

- Coming Soon: MCTM to offer SCECHs for NCTM's 100 Days of Professional Learning!

- 2019 MCTM Mini-Grant Projects

- Latest MDE Press Release

-MCTM Facebook - Most Popular Post!

- Adventures with Mathematics Activities Sampler -- FREE

NOTE: September's Issue will be released early on August 28th

Resources & Guiding Documents for Planning

As you are working to plan for the upcoming school year, these three resources will be helpful in making sense of what the year should look like.

Priority Instructional Content:

This resource also supports thinking in what assessment should look like. Here is the link and the PDF is also posted on the Publications page of the MCTM website.

Priority Instructional Content

Mathematics Learning in the Era of COVID-19: This resource will support your team in thinking through structures, teaching practices, and advocac

NCTM/NCSM: Moving Forward Website
Moving Forward PDF

Oakland School Mathematics Toolkit: This resource created by our friends at Oakland Schools will support your thinking about priority content, scope & sequence, and much more. See the image below as well as visit the link for more documents and videos.

Math Toolkit
Math Prioritization Flow Chart image

Rusty Anderson, MCTM President

Planning Curriculum in Mathematics:

Using Your Textbook to Transform Practice

As teachers of mathematics, many of us have sat in professional development in which we were asked to prioritize and unpack standards in order to identify student learning targets.  These learning targets, then, are suggested as the basis on which we build assessments and design lessons.  At the same time, you may have wondered when, outside of this one day before school begins, you will find time to do this ongoing work.  You may have also wondered if you have enough expertise to enhance what was already designed within the mathematics textbook you use.  And if so, how is a curriculum different from the textbook provided by your district to teach mathematics?  

Read more from Kristi Hanby and Sohnia Malik

Transform Practice

MCTM Book Study #27

Fall - Humanizing Disability in Mathematics Education: Forging New Paths

I am looking for feedback on the suggested titles as well as suggestions for other books to use. Please email me directly at nicoll@aaps.k12.mi.us.

Book studies are a great way to connect with fellow educators from the comfort of your own home, build your PLN (Personal Learning Network), learn something new, and model being the life-long learner we want out students to be. Look for details for future book studies coming to your inbox over the next couple weeks.

Anne Marie Nichol-Turner, NCTM Representative & Book Study Coordinator

Essential Practices for Disciplinary Literacy Instruction in Secondary Classrooms

According to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, “A strong foundation in mathematics, for each and every student from pre-K–12, is vital to our nation's economic stability, national security, workforce productivity, and full participation in our democratic society. Mathematical literacy is fundamental for adult numeracy, financial literacy, and everyday life.” Now, more than ever, we need to consider ways to engage students in relevant, rich tasks that leverage student choice and voice and build on their existing competencies. Our students come to us with a multitude of diverse skills and assets. By creating learning communities that allow students to grapple with the complex reality of our world today, we apprentice students into the ways of reading, writing, and thinking across various disciplines (i.e., mathematics, engineering, economics, etc.)--while allowing them to try on various careers. This supports more just, equitable learning opportunities. 

Read more by Megan Schrauben and Jenelle Williams here:

DLEP 6-12
What's New This Month MCTM Blog

MCTM Blog “StoryCircles”

Our August blog post is from our friends at University of Michigan! Brenna Dugan explains how Dr. Pat Herbst and Dr. Amanda Milewski, along with University of Michigan GRIP Lab, have been working for 15 years on refining digital tools to study teaching and support teacher growth as they reflect on, and experiment with, teaching practices. Out of this work, StoryCircles was born. Click below to read about this work and consider how StoryCircles might revolutionize teaching and learning in your classroom. 

We appreciate our teachers’ voices here at the MCTM blog. Have an experience you’d love to share? Reach out to us! membership@mictm.org

Kelli Vansetters, MCTM Membership Chair

Math Talk Slides

Thanks to MCTM Past President Kathy Berry for sharing this after seeing it on her PLN. (Feel free to share material you think fellow MCTM stakeholders would want to see -- email to publications@mictm.org or @Michiganmath on Twitter)

“This site was created to fill a need for finding ready-to-use slides that can easily be copied and pasted into my daily meeting slide decks for distance learning. I wanted to have a hub of these engaging resources that I could access for distance learning as well as when we return to school. It's my favorite way to start the day with my students!”

Math Talks for Slides

NCTM Webinar: "What Should Math Look Like"

Michigan -- and MCTM's --- own Kevin Dykema was involved in this! Kevin has always been a contributor to MI Math Community. Watch the recording at the link below.

Opening Image of Webinar
Recording - What Should Math Look Like

NCTM's 100 Days of Professional Learning is continuing (April 1 - October 15). Sign up for upcoming webinars (limit 1,000) or watch recordings. Find the schedule and uploaded recordings at the link below.

NCTM Online Learning


MCTM is supporting this activity through advertisement to our membership and hosting discussions on presented materials.   According to the published schedule, NCTM sessions will be sixty (60) to ninety (90) minutes long with MCTM discussion following.   MCTM would like to offer 1.5 SCHECHs for each session that is either attended live via Zoom.us or in the event that capacity is reach, attendees can watch the recorded session. MCTM will be using online discussion forums, questionnaires, and zoom based meetings to ensure individuals have watched the previously recorded sessions.

Details are still being worked out -- look for more information soon via email and MCTM's social media accounts!

2019 MCTM Mini-Grants

Sharing with the MCTM Community, Part I

For the first time in 2019, MCTM offered Mini-Grants for members. We will be sharing information about the awardee projects over the next couple months. Stay tuned for information on how to apply for this year's grants! 

Making Math Real:

Gathering & Analyzing Real World Data

 “The purpose of this project is to help create a culture of thinking and learning within our school. I hope to show students that learning, especially in mathematics, is more than being able to just recall information. It is important for students to be able to preserve and problem solve when they do not immediately know the answer to something.” Pre-Calculus students will gather and analyze real-world data involving exponential and logarithmic functions. Learn more about Jessica’s project implementation on the Publications Page.

Jessica Marcet, New Lothrop Area Public Schools

Breakout Boxes!

“Student engagement and motivation is something that I believe all teachers strive for daily. I think for Mathematics teachers this can often be more difficult to achieve as students often seem to have an aversion to, or anxiety about, the subject early on. This has been my experience at least and so I find myself searching for activities and ways to make the subject area as engaging as possible.” Find out about Rebecca’s awesome mini-grant project.

Rebecca Binkley, DeTour Area Schools

Latest MDE News:

Click image to go to entire press release.

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Adventures with Mathematics - FREE Sample Activities

This month's sample activities comes from these books: Climbing from Grade 1 to 2: Magical Math Sunglasses (geometry), Climbing from Grade 6 to 7: The Doorman (numbers & operations -- codes), and Climbing from Geometry to Algebra 2: Ramp it Up (measurement, unit analysis & trigonometry). Are you a member? You get access to ALL 12 books for free!

Get All Three for FREE on our Publications Page!

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