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Providing public voice and leadership to support and advance high-quality teaching and learning of mathematics for all students

MI Math Community


Current & Past MI Math Community

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September 2022 MI Math Community

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January 2021 MI Math Community

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View as a PDF: January MI Math Community MCTM 2021.pdf

Many thanks to this month's Vendor Corner Sponsor: Texas Instruments  Follow TI on social media at @ticalculators

Full Articles from January 2021 e-Newsletter

Increasing Student Engagement Using Pear Deck J Lawson MCTM-MMC January 2021.pdf

Families of Functions Modular Course TI Vendor Corner Sponsor MCTM-MMC January 2021.pdf

5 Practices for Math Discussions Part I MDejas MCTM-MMC January 2021.pdf

December 2020 MI Math Community

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View as a PDF: December MI Math Community MCTM 2020.pdf

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