Please join with the MCTM Board in congratulating our
2015 Miriam Schaefer Scholarship Recipients

Alexandria Bingham – Elementary, Eastern Michigan University

Alexandria BinghamAlexandria Bingham graduated from Milford High School in 2008. Alex was a committed student-athlete with 4 years on Milford’s varsity swim team. Alex also played on the Huron Valley Girls Lacrosse Team as a junior varsity member for her freshman and sophomore years, she then went on to be a varsity captain in her junior and senior year.  Alex took pride in her leadership role as a captain and enjoyed helping new athletes develop and gain confidence on the field.

Alexandria continued her education at Oakland Community College, earning her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts in April of 2012. Alex worked as a lifeguard and swim coach throughout her tenure at Oakland Community College. It was through teaching swimming lessons and coaching that she found her passion to become a teacher. Alex stated, “I feel that the most rewarding part about coaching and teaching is seeing a student reach a goal and watching their confidence grow.”

In the fall of 2012 Alexandria streamlined her quest to become a teacher at Eastern Michigan University, specializing in Elementary Mathematics and Integrated Science. Alex continued to teach and coach swimming and soon became an assistant coach for her high school lacrosse team, as well as a substitute teacher to help gain more experience in the field. “The professors at Eastern were so supportive and motivating throughout my entire experience,” stated Alex. “I was so sad when I completed all of my math classes at Eastern so I ended up becoming a member of the NCTM and going to the annual conference this past April in Boston.” Alexandria is looking forward to her last semester of undergraduate work this fall as a student teacher.   She will be working in a first grade classroom, and can’t wait to help
her future students become confident problem solvers who love to play with and think about math!

Heather Crull – Elementary, Western Michigan University

Heather Crull 1Heather Crull is a non-traditional elementary education student at Western Michigan University with a triple minor in mathematics, integrated science and language arts. The daughter of a mechanical engineer and social science researcher, she has enjoyed studying and playing with math since an early age.  She loves how math shapes our human experience and shares her passion for math explorations with others whenever she can. One professor states "Heather possesses the qualities of a natural teacher and true professional...She is a hard-working individual with a positive attitude that makes her a pleasure to work with." 

As an educational garden manager at a non-profit organization, Heather works with teachers to extend classroom activities into the school garden for K-4 students at a local elementary school.  As such, she is no stranger with aligning math activities with national common core standards.  A teacher at the elementary school shares "Heather Crull is a valued member of our staff who we've learned we can rely on, regardless of the challenge.  Her combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and compassionate character certainly make her a valuable member of any academic program."  Having personally experienced classroom math lessons as a myriad of purple mimeographed worksheets as a child, Heather also understands the importance of engaging students with rich, complex, and meaningful tasks; she seeks to provide students with ample opportunities for mathematical inquiry, hands-on cooperative learning, and group discussion.   A reflective practitioner, she enjoys utilizing the resources of both the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics as well as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to better her teaching.

Sam Morey – Secondary, Northern Michigan University

Sam MoreySam Morey, graduated from Alma High School in 2011, is currently studying secondary education mathematics at Northern Michigan University and will complete his student teaching in the fall at Ithaca High School. While at Northern Michigan, Sam was a Resident Advisor (R.A.) for three years, which he views as an important experience that has prepared him for teaching in the secondary classroom.

Sam has always enjoyed mathematics, but it was not until studying mathematics that he gained a true appreciation for the subject. His passion for mathematics has been noticed by a professor who said, “What I have always appreciated about Sam are his enthusiasm for learning, his determination to truly understand the mathematics at a deep conceptual level, and his persistence in working on problems…” As an extension of his desire to understand mathematics at a deeper level during the previous academic year Sam has presented a journal article he co-authored, with Dr. Dave Buhl, at a regional Mathematics Association of America conference and as part of a monthly series of talks, “Science on Tap,” sponsored by NMU’s chapter of Sigma Xi.

Sam is anxious to enter the classroom and plans to structure student learning around inquiry activities while using educational technology. He believes it is important to find material that students are interested in to help that develop a better understanding of mathematics. He hopes his creativity in his teaching methods will inspire students to be active participants in the classroom.

2016 Scholarship Information

MCTM Announces $2500 Awards

If you have questions about the scholarship application or process, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.via email.


The goal is to financially assist students currently enrolled in a teacher education program with a mathematics education major or minor if at the elementary level. Secondary education students must be pursuing a mathematics major. The award is to be used for tuition, books, labs, and fees necessary to fulfill requirements for a BA or BS degree with teacher certification.


Each applicant must be a Michigan resident and currently enrolled at a Michigan college or university in an elementary or secondary teacher education program with a mathematics specialty. Applicants must be a college/university junior or senior in good academic standing by June 1, 2014, with an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher. In addition, secondary education students must have successfully completed the college's/university's required calculus sequence, while elementary education students must have at least a mathematics minor. In determining eligibility, applicants enrolled in the final year of a five-year teacher preparation program will be considered a senior. The classification (junior or senior) for an applicant who has earned a degree in another area and has enrolled in a teacher education program will be determined by his/her June 1 status in the teacher education program. The applicant must also be a member of the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


A check for $2,500 will be paid to the scholarship recipient(s) with their school as the second payee. The term of each scholarship is for one year and shall not be renewable. 

Application Deadline

Submit the completed Miriam Schaefer Scholarship Application materials in one envelope, postmarked no later than May 16, 2016 to:

MCTM Scholarship Committee
Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics
4767 Stadler Road
Monroe, MI 48162-9424
Phone: 734.477.0421