MCTM honors these Michigan mathematics teachers who have been recognized as finalists for the prestigious PAEMST award.

On September 7, 2016 the 2014 and 2015 PAEMST - Michigan Finalists were announced.   Congratulations to Francie Robertson - 2014 PAEMST Awardee and Wendy Osterman - 2015 PAEMST Awardee for the State of Michigan.  Your dedication to excellence is an inspiration.  

On June 29, 2016 the 2016 PAEMST Finalists were announced for the State of Michigan.  MCTM is pleased to extend Congratulations to Kristen LeBlanc and Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner on their nomination as the
2016 State of Michigan PAEMST Finalists.

2016 Michigan Finalists

Kirsten LeBlanc
St. Paul on the Lake Catholic School
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner
Tappan Middle School
Ann Arbor, MI

2015 Michigan Finalists

Linda Anderson
Wayland Union High School
Wayland, MI

Shannon Houtrouw
Kalamazoo Area Math Science Center
Kalamazoo, MI

Craig Huhn
Holt Public Schools
Holt, MI

Wendy Osterman - 2015 Michigan Awardee
Sashabaw Middle School
Clarkston, MI

Jane Porath
Traverse City East Middle School
Traverse City, MI

2014 Michigan Finalists

Monica McCauley
4th Grade
Hampton Elementary
Rochester, MI

Francie Robertson - 2014 Michigan Awardee
4th Grade        
Pine Tree Elementary
Lake Orion

2013 Michigan Finalists

Christopher Conrad
Allegan Middle School
Allegan, MI

Craig Huhn
Holt High School
Holt, MI

Steven Kelly
St. Louis High School
St. Louis, MI

Jane Porath
East Middle School
Traverse City, MI

Luke Wilcox - 2013 Michigan Awardee
12th Grade Mathematics
East Kentwood High School
Kentwood, MI

2012 Michigan Finalists

Kristina Priesman
6th Grade Mathematics (and Academic Intervention)
Olivet Middle School
Olivet, Michigan 49076

Emily Theriault-Kimmey - 2012 Michigan Awardee
5th Grade Mathematics
Pattengill Elementary School
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

2011 Michigan Finalists

Anne Marie Nicoll-Turner
7th Grade Mathematics, 8th Grade Pre-Algebra, and Accelerated Algebra 1
Tappan Middle School
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Regional Director's Awardee - Region 1danielle seabold

Danielle Seabold
Kalamazoo RESA

Danielle has been a math consultant at Kalamazoo RESA since 2007 and has done an outstanding job educating area teachers on best practices in math instruction.  Her work has focused on delivering professional development and providing instructional coaching for individual teachers to help ensure their students are successful in mathematics. A tireless worker, Danielle is always well prepared and keeps her region informed about pertinent information regarding state issues in mathematics.

Regional Director's Awardee - Region 4katey johnson

Katey Johnson
Lowell Middle School

As a Lowell Middle School teacher, Katey is constantly searching for and implementing rich tasks and activities to foster authentic learning in her classroom. She uses journaling, project-based and cooperative learning, and technology to help her students see mathematics as a tool in their lives. Katey focuses on all students experiencing success in mathematics, helping her students build intrinsic motivation towards future success.

Regional Director's Awardee - Region 5ruthanne hodges

Ruth Anne Hodges
Michigan Department of Education

Ruth Anne has been a dedicated member of MCTM for many years, starting with a student membership as an undergraduate.  She has a passion for mathematics and has made it her goal to improve student’s achievement in Michigan.  Her leadership as the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Mathematics education consultant has led to an increased awareness of what good mathematics looks like in the classroom and how teachers can help their students be more successful. 

Regional Director's Awardee - Region 10karen reister

Karen Reister
Traverse Bay Area ISD

Karen has served as a K-12 math consultant for eight years at the Traverse Bay Area ISD, working with teachers in five counties.  She has facilitated numerous professional development offerings including Project Prime, Learning Goals and Scales, and EMATHS and presented at the MCTM and MACUL conferences.  Through her leadership the mathematics teachers in the region continue to be informed about what is happening at the state level and are encouraged to take an active role as learners and teachers of mathematics.

MCTM established a Service Award in 1984 to honor and recognize the service rendered by its colleagues to the organization. To be eligible, the recipient must have served MCTM and not to be a current officer. The officers include the President, Past-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Presidents, and Regional Directors. A person can receive the award only once.   Any member that would like to suggest a nominee should send a letter of recommendation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Congratulations to the past MCTM Service Award winners:

2014 Jane Porath
2013 Kevin Dykema
2011 Mike Lehman
2011 John O’Toole
2011 Laurie Shappee
2008 Chuck Allan
2007 Debbie Ferry
2006 Char Beckmann
2006 Carol Hermann
2005 Art Davidge
2004 Valerie Mills
2004 Bruce Budzynski
2003 Ann Beyer
2003 Jean Williams
2002 Jane Jamsen
2002 Joe Thibedeau
2001 Don Hazekamp
2001 Tim Husband
2001 Linda Kolnowski
2000 Lou Henkel
2000 Roger Verhey
1999 Ruth Ann Meyers
1999 Bob Laing
1999 Betty Phillips
1999 Al Shulte
1998 Terry Coburn
1998 Gerry Green
1997 Stu Choate
1996 Bob McGinty
1996 John VanBeynen
1995 Art Coxford
1995 Elsa Geskus
1994 Phil Cox
1994 Pat Huellmantel
1993 Chris Hirsch
1993 Glenda Lappan
1992 Wayne Scott
1991 Joseph Payne
1990 Horace Mourer
1989 Thomas Knauss
1989 Mary Jo Nichols
1988 Theresa Denman
1988 Frank Rogers
1987 William Swart
1987 Charles Zoet
1986 Bea Munro
1986 Mary Reed
1985 Miriam Schaefer
1985 Donald Strouf
1984 Phil Jones

The Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics recognizes the urgent need for more and excellent mathematics teachers.  The shortage of well-prepared mathematics teachers is due to teacher retirements, teacher attrition - excellent teachers leaving teaching to enter higher paid professions, and fewer students interested in pursuing teaching degrees when faced with so many enticing and higher salary professions.

Many thanks to all who contributed during our membership solicitation for the MCTM Scholarship Endowment Fund (SEF). Your donations totaled $3460.25!  Some of these donations have been designated in honor or memory of a special individual.  While we look forward with the scholarship program, we take a moment here to look back and around us to those who have influenced and inspired us! Do you have someone you would like to remember or honor?  Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (734) 477-0421.

MCTM- SEF Wall of Honor and Memory 2011

MCTM Provides College Scholarships

The Challenge

In their report Before It Is Too Late, the National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century stressed that "there is a pressing national need for high quality teaching, and the teaching pool in mathematics is inadequate to meet our current needs."

Michigan Schools are now struggling with a shortage of mathematics teachers. And the situation is becoming worse. For example, 40% of the teachers in the Lansing area will be retiring in the next 3 years and it is predicted that two thirds of current math/science teachers will retire in the next 10 years.

More than ever we need to attract and encourage qualified candidates into mathematics teaching.