DLM - Dynamic Learning Maps and the Common Core Extended Elements (CCEE)

DLM_logoDynamic Learning Maps (DLM) is planned to come to Michigan by 2015-2016.  This set of consoritum-developed assessments for moderatively to severely cognitively-impaired students is anticipated to replace the MI-Access assessment, just as the SBAC assessments are anticipated to replace the ELA and mathematics portions of the MEAP and (possibly) the MME.

Development of the DLM assessments is ongoing.  They assess the Common Core Extended Elements (CCEE), which are somewhat comparable to the Michigan Extended-GLCEs. 

For more information, please see the following websites:

Dynamic Learning Maps at the University of Kansas

DLM and Common Core Extended Elements (CCEE) information from Michigan Department of Education

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Dynamic Learning Maps- Excerpted from the Michigan BAA week of June 4, 2012, newsletter:

DLM Consortium Releases Common Core Essential Elements

Special educators from Michigan and other member states of the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) consortium have created Common Core Essential Elements (CCEEs) in English language arts and mathematics which are linked to the already-adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSSs). CCEEs provide alternate grade level content standards linked to the common core and they are now available for your review.

For a copy of the English language arts and mathematics CCSS and the CCEEs, please visit the DLM link on the MI-Access website atwww.michigan.gov/mi-access.

In addition to the CCEEs, the website provides the following resources:

· Dynamic Learning Maps Introductory Video,
· Common Core State Standards Overview Module,
· Common Core Essential Elements Overview Module,
· A list of future modules with proposed availability dates.

A crosswalk of the current Michigan extended grade level content standards and the CCEEs will be available in the near future. Alternate assessments based on the CCEEs are being developed by the DLM consortium and will be available for use in Michigan [possibly] starting in the 2014-15 school year.