MCTM Monographs

For many years, MCTM published monographs on key topics of interest.  There were 35 Monographs published between1980 and 1995.  The Monograph's publication was replaced by the Mathematics in Michigan (MIM) journals.   The MCTM office has copies of many of these past monographs, as well as past MIMs.  If you are looking for a particular issue, please contact the MCTM office or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


One Monograph Remains Available for Purchase

The MCTM Store still has stock remaining for the following monograph.  It may be purchased in the MCTM Store

2001_08_From_the_Beginning_MonographSMFileFrom the Begining...:  A world of story problems through time

Authors:  David Buhl and Robert McGinty

Monograph #28