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158 - MCTM MI Math Community Sponsorship - "Partners in Practice" Logo - 1 Issue

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Vendor Support of the MCTM Newsletter - MI Math Community Upon completion of your order, the Publications Director (publications@mictm.org) will be in contact to work out details including which month(s) you wish to sponsor and/or what content you would like to contribute and/or any image files/company information needed. A. Vendor Corner Sponsor Includes: ($100 per issue or $250 for three issues) - Description of sponsor - Logo/link to website - Contact info - Article/content B. Vendor Corner Contributor includes: ($50 per article/issue OR $125 for three issues/articles, Up to 3 Articles) - Logo/link to website - Article/content C. Vendor Logo includes ($25 per issue OR $250 for 11 issues) - Logo at bottom of issue (teaser to lead people to bottom of issue)
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