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Wednesday 23 Jul 2014
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Regional Director Award
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2008 Regional Director Award Winners PDF Print E-mail

Paula Donner Region 1 Director's Awardee
Paula Donner

Paula Donner is a second grade teacher at Chikaming Elementary School in the River Valley School District. She has been an active member of her MMLA Team for four years and several times she has been an instructor at the MMLA statewide trainings for the K-4 Break-out Sessions. Paula was a co-developer for the K-4 Break-out, the writer of the Grade 3 M-GLAnCE module on Data GLCEs, and has contributed assessment items to the M/S Centers Network Math assessment Project. She has presented at the MCTM K-2 Geometry Institute and at the MCTM Conference. In her building, she is the Technology Liaison for the Freedom to Learn Grant Program. Paula has inspired many teachers by her creative and exuberant spirit and both her colleagues and students have benefited from her expertise and dedication to mathematics education.

2007 Regional Director Award Winners PDF Print E-mail

Kevin Dykema

Region 1 Director's Awardee
Kevin Dykema

Kevin Dykema is a full time eighth grade teacher at Mattawan School District and is a member of MCTM and MMLA. He was a Keynote Speaker at the 2006 MCTM Conference as well as facilitating many sessions at the annual conference for the last 4 years. He was a featured speaker at the 2006 DACTM Annual Conference and offered a variety of math sessions during the event. Last year he presented at the Indiana and Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics conferences. Kevin's instruction also includes Methods Courses in Mathematics at Western Michigan University in 2004-2006. Kevin has partnered with the Michigan Math and Science Centers and Regional Educational Centers in the state to provide professional development workshops to hundreds of mathematics teachers. Some of these sessions include Algeblocks, MEAP toolkits, and activities to help teach the GLCE's. He actively supports educators in their commitment to captivate learners, and generate positive results with the use of effective hands-on teaching strategies.

2006 Regional Director Award Winners PDF Print E-mail

MCTM Region 1 Director's Awardee
Peg Becker, Kalamazoo Central High School

Peg has been instrumental in helping the district integrate technology, particularly the TI Navigator, into the district's mathematics curriculum, and has become an avid proponent of technology. She has led several TI Navigator sessions and in the last year, she has seized the opportunity to receive fast-tracked training from Texas Instruments that has further increased her repertoire of presentations she leads throughout the mathematics community.

Those who know Peg, know her passion for music. She has used this personal interest extensively in a Mathematical Modeling course and has created several stand-alone activities that integrate technology and music. She strives to help students see interesting and relevant applications of mathematics.

Peg ponders, literally. She often builds on ideas and encourages conversation on developing ideas. She is a teacher that questions the status quo while being passionate about her students learning mathematics.


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